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Dinosaur Legos

Dinosaur legos are the best legos! With dinosaur legos, you can build your own lego dinosaur pen, and then fill it with all your favourite lego dinosaurs! Dinosaur legos give you a chance to really use your imagination. With the release of all the new dinosaur lego sets, there is so much available now for dinosaur legos. When I was a kid, if you wanted to build a dinosaur out of lego, you had to start from scratch. Now, dinosaur legos come in dinosaur lego kits. These dinosaur lego kits come with all the pieces you need (and instructions!) to build the dinosaur legos of your dreams!

Lego – rampaging triceratops

Most of the dinosaur legos kits are centered around the movie Jurassic World. There is a triceratops lego kit (75937), that includes a rampaging lego triceratops, a spinning egg ride with entrance gate, collapsible fencing and a mini figure buggy. 

If a lego gyrosphere is what you want to play with, the lego Carnotaurus set (75929) has got you covered! A dinosaur legos set that not only includes the gyrosphere, but also a two seater lego truck, lego dinosaur eggs, dinosaur lego background scenery and of course, a lego carnotaurus. Everything you will need to evade a deadly lego dinosaur on Isla Nebular!

The Lego Jurassic World T-Rex Rampage (75936) is the ultimate in dinosaur legos. This dinosaur legos set comes with the tall park gate, operated by turning a trigger. A huge lego T-Rex will have your 6 lego Jurassic World figures running for cover with his moveable jaw! A dinosaur legos set that also comes with many lego accessories, like a cracked lego dinosaur egg, and even a tiny baby lego dinosaur! This is a dinosaur legos set for adult kids too!

Lego – T-Rex

For those who are looking for something less Jurassic World legos themed, and more scientific dinosaur legos, the dinosaur fossils kit (21320) is worth looking into. Compatible with all the other dinosaur legos sets, you can build your own poseable lego Tyrannosaurus Rex, lego triceratops, or lego pteranodon. Each lego skeleton comes with it’s own display stand, and the dinosaur legos set even includes a mini lego paleontologist and a lego sapiens skeleton figure! With this dinosaur legos set, you can turn your room into a natural history museum!

Lego – Skeletons

The littlest paleontologists like dinosaur legos too, and dinosaur Duplo fits the bill! The Lego Duplo T-Rex and Triceratops breakout set (10939) is perfect for kids aged 2+. This dinosaur legos set includes a front gate and a dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex whose mouth opens and closes. A lego triceratops and lego Owen Grady, with his motorcycle, will help stir the imagination of the youngest child. Buildable lego trees and flowers complete the easy to build set for hours of dinosaur legos fun!

Lego – Duplo

Dinosaur legos are hours of fun. Building dinosaur legos stir the imagination, and encourage kids of all ages to be creative! Whether you are a budding paleontologist or a Jurassic World fan, dinosaur legos have a place in your home!

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