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Dinosaur Tattoos

Dinosaur tattoo designs are beginning to get very popular. Tattoo artists will get to sketch all types of dinosaur content often. Small dinosaur tattoos are best for people interested in a cute art design. Some ideas people have is to use even more of their body for larger dinosaur tattoos, like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The full sleeve tattoo design is a great way to show your emotional connection to dinosaurs, while having some Jurassic size tattoo designs on your body. 

Artwork by @crashing.cadence

When Jurassic Park was released, dinosaur tattoo content became much more popular. Prior to that, it was people who were interested in dinosaurs that would get dinosaur designs. Once the movies came out, tattoo artists saw more and more people with ideas for dinosaur content, to show their emotional connection to Jurassic Park. Often people even had the actors’ head added next to their dinosaur tattoo design. Certainly the variety of dinosaur tattoo designs have increased since the Jurassic Park tattoos have become popular.

Tattoo by @pink.madzilla

Dinosaur tattoos can show your emotional connection to dinosaurs or just be a design of power and strength. Some people like dinosaur tattoo designs full of foliage, flowers and other prehistoric content or just be a dinosaur by itself. No matter what the dinosaur design is, dinosaur tattoos are the best way to mark your body with style! Do you have a dinosaur tattoo? Show off your dinosaur tattoo ideas on Facebook and Instagram!

Tattoo by @crashing.cadence