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Dinosaur Slippers

Dinosaur slippers are a fun way to keep your feet nice and toasty warm. A nice pair of dinosaur feet slippers can encourage toddlers and younger children to wear slippers in the wintertime, if they don’t like to wear socks around the house. They come in all sorts of different styles and colors. Dinosaur slippers for adults are really great too. Who wants boring slippers, when you can have dinosaur claw slippers? 

Roaring dinosaur slippers

Roaring dinosaur slippers are super fun for kids to wear. Every few steps while wearing these dinosaur feet slippers, you will hear a mighty roar. There is no sneaking around when your child has these dinosaur slippers on!

Fluffy dinosaur slippers

T-Rex slipper lovers will think these ones are really cool. With his tiny T-Rex arms, these slippers will keep any toes nice and warm! Plush on the inside and durable on the outside, dinosaur slippers with reinforced sticking like these ones are sure to please!

Dinosaur slipper for toddlers

A more classic dinosaur slipper from Festooning Toddler might be what you are looking for. Their memory foam dinosaur slippers are nice and soft against delicate toddler skin. These slippers also have an anti-slip rubber foam sole, to keep your little paleontologist from any accidental tumbles.

Knitted dinosaur slippers

Knitted dinosaur slippers can be a really nice gift for Christmas. LittleTwiggleBerries on etsy has an adorable dinosaur bootie pattern you can buy. Crocheted dinosaur slippers or knitted dinosaur slippers are a perfect baby shower gift too!

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