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Dinosaur Skull

Dinosaur skulls make great home decor. A large triceratops skull hanging in the den looks much more impressive than another poor creature. If you are an apartment dweller, an ankylosaurus skull on a stand is very cool. I have a friend who has a T-Rex head in her living room. Lord Stirling is very dapper in his top hat and scarf, and is always dressing up for the holidays with various other hats to mark the occasion. 

Dinosaur skulls are best acquired on Etsy. There is a huge selection of different options, from smaller, desk sized dinosaur heads, to full sized dinosaur skull replicas. Dinosaur skull keychains are also very popular; carry your favorite triassic cranium with you wherever you go. Dinosaur skull pendants are available too, for a very cool accessory. 

Dinosaur skull decor

The sarcosuchus skull from EnviroSkulls on Etsy is pretty dramatic. It’s long jaw is open and looks ready to bite your finger! MikesMenageries has a beautiful triceratops skull, perfect for mounting. 3D printed with a biodegradable plastic, you can be sure no actual dinosaurs were harmed in the acquisition of your new dinosaur skull! 

If the classic T-Rex skull is what you are after, EnviroSkulls has a giant T-Rex skull for you! At 18” long, this dinosaur skull will impress anyone who sees it! Created from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, plant-based material that is fully recyclable and sustainable, this incredible piece of dinosaur art is the perfect way to dress up any room. 

Whether it is a small velociraptor skull or a giant T-Rex skull, thanks to 3D printing, every dinosaur fan can have a dinosaur skull on display!

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