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Dinosaur Squishmallows

Have you seen the dinosaur Squishmallows? I am just learning about these squishy dinosaur pillows. Dinosaur Squishmallows came out in 2017, and since then, have taken their spot in the collectors world. Every lovable dinosaur “mallow” has its own name and personality. These plush dinosaur pillows are just so darn cute too! Dinosaur Squishmallows are available in a variety of sizes. There are tiny keychain dinosaur mallows, right up to the huge 24” dinosaur stuffie!

Delilah squishmallow

Dinosaur Squishmallows are so much fun to snuggle with. These dinosaur pillows just make you smile when you look at them. Dinosaur Squishmallows are full of positive energy. Trey the Triceratops is a forest green triceratops Squishmallow, and a baseball superstar. He gets in a game as often as he can. Ari the green dinosaur squishmallow is from the “Valentine Squad”. Ari dreams of one day being a DJ, and loves to play music for his friends to make them smile. A pterodactyl Squishmallow is Shantira. Shantira is a blue tie-dye pterodactyl pillow, who loves to knit. Last year Shantira Squishmallow made her two best friends matching dinosaur pyjamas! My favorite of course is the Delilah Squishmallow. This dinosaur Squishmallow is purple, which is my favorite color. Delilah the purple dinosaur Squishmallow loves to bake, especially with apples in the fall.

Shantira squishmallow

Dinosaur Squishmallows are easy to purchase from a variety of retailers such as Amazon, Costco, Learning Express. You can carry your favorite dinosaur pillow around with you as a keychain, and snuggle your dinosaur stuffy at night. With so many different colors and personalities to choose from, dinosaur Squishmallows make great friends! 

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