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Dinosaur Night Lights

A Dinosaur night light is a great way to help your little one feel safe at bedtime. Let a 3D T-Rex night light chase away all the monsters under the bed! You can also try a soothing kaleidoscope dinosaur night light, with pictures of dinosaurs gliding all over the room. A dinosaur night light is a wonderful addition to any bedroom.

Nightlight – T-Rex

Dinosaur night lights come in a variety of styles. Dinosaur touch lamps are quite nice for younger children. LED dinosaur lamps are an efficient way to light up a room. Dinosaur projection lights are really fun for the full dinosaur experience.

Nightlight – projection

A 3D illusion Dinosaur night light is the Fullosun dinosaur night light. This dinosaur night light is fun because it gives you the option of having a T-Rex night light, a triceratops night light, a velociraptor night light or even a dilophosaurus night light! What a selection! Each dinosaur light projection is a different color. A handy remote control can be used to change things up if you are already in bed and want a different dinosaur lamp!

Nightlight – Fullosun

Rexy the Original Dinosaur night light is an adorable little guy. A silicone dinosaur night light that has color options of red, green, blue or a 7 color gradient. Easy to use, just give this dinosaur lamp a tap for a nice soft light. USB powered and rechargeable, this dinosaur night light is perfectly portable. 

A brachiosaurus night light is a little more teen friendly. This dinosaur night light is more of a dinosaur desk lamp. Operated either by USB or 3 AAA batteries, a dinosaur night light like the one from Qunlight is pretty sturdy.

nightlight – Qunlight

For the Jurassic World night light fans, the official dinosaur projection lamp is pretty cool. This dinosaur night light features 6 image projectables, each depicting a different dinosaur theme.The LED dinosaur projection light is long-lasting and fun for the Jurassic World fan. 

Nightlight – jurassic World

For a plug in dinosaur night light, Vdsrup cute little dinosaur night light is a perfect choice. A plug in dinosaur night light that is bright enough to light your way to the bathroom at night! Just plug in this dinosaur light and turn it on. It’s the simplest dinosaur night light, and sometimes simple is best.

A dinosaur night light is a great way to add a little glow to your life. Do you have a dinosaur night light or dinosaur lamp? We would love to see it! Tag us on facebook and instagram!