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Dinosaur Movies: Jurassic World Dominion, and the ending of an era.

The lights dimmed and the audience hushed as the last of the Jurassic Park series movies started…. If you are like my partner and hate spoilers, stop reading and go watch the movie. If you are like me and like to know what you’re getting into first, read on!


The Dinoverse Team took a trip down to Victoria, BC to see this final Dinosaur spectacle on the big screen. It was really neat to see all the main cast from both the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World series’ together in one movie. Each has their own specialty and acknowledges the others for theirs, and even Dr. Lewis Dodgson (recast by Campbell Scott) shows up. You might remember him as the “secret agent” type guy who talked Dennis Nedry into stealing the dinosaur embryos (think Barbasol…).

Speaking of that Barbasol can…

Jurassic World Dominion gives honor to just about everything the Jurassic Park franchise fans have come to love. All those memes, jokes, and other things that have become a part of pop culture were included in one form or another. Ian Malcolm makes a very obvious gesture of doing up a button, and yes, the Barbasol can DOES make an appearance.

What about redemption arks?

Oh, there are those too! Ian Malcolm gets the chance to wave a fiery stick properly, saving the day, rather than making things 10 times worse. Biosyn sanctuary ends up truly a sanctuary for the dinosaurs, but the biggest redemption was with Dr. Wu. This ambitious scientist, starting from the very first Jurassic Park movie, has been involved with all the cloning and despite everything going horribly wrong every time, he just wouldn’t give up. Finally, at the very end, he gets it right.

But are there Dinosaurs?

Of course there are Dinosaurs! It is a Jurassic Park movie after all! They aren’t quite scientifically accurate, but we’ve come to expect that over the years, and we forgive them because the movies have introduced the world to many new and exciting species. A couple of our favorites from this particular movie are the baby carnotaurus (give us all the carnotaurus!) and the feathered Pyroraptor, although we all chuckled when the Pyroraptor suddenly turned into a penguin…

So bottom line…

Was this the best of the 6 movies in the Jurassic Park franchise? Probably not, but it was still a great movie, and they did a really good job of wrapping up the two and a half decades of dinosaur films. If like our Lead Illustrator, Kara, you saw the original Jurassic Park in the theater when you were a kid, it sparked a lifelong love of these prehistoric animals. Now, as an adult, it’s more than just your love of dinosaurs that takes you to this movie, it’s nostalgia as well. The filmmakers respected that, and all in all, they gave us a movie that definitely did the series justice.

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Dinosaur Movies For Kids

Kids love dinosaur movies. Honestly, big kids love movies about dinosaurs too, but it’s generally when you are younger that you first learn to love the dinosaur world. A kid’s imagination is prime for great things like a T-Rex having a fight with a brontosaurus, or a Troodon as a train conductor. It all seems perfectly realistic. Dinosaur movies can also have a big impact on a kid’s life. Our Lead Illustrator, Kara, remembers quite fondly the experience of going to see the highly rated Jurassic Park with her dad. It was scary, but still the best! It’s this memory that started her love of Dinosaurs, and eventually specialising in Dinosaur art! Dinosaur movies for kids have been made for many years. Now that we have services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there is no shortage of new dino movies to take us on a journey back in time. These dinosaur movies are among our favourites. Obviously any movie with a dinosaur is a good one, but these ones in particular are the movies that rated the prime spot in our movie collection.

The Land Before Time (1988):
This dinosaur kids movie is overall our staff’s top pick. No matter who I talked to, everyone loves this movie. Not only is it beautifully animated, but it’s a lovely story. It’s a wonderful story about friends who make an important journey, meeting new friends along the way. There are many sequels, but the first one is definitely the best rated. You can usually find this dino movie on Amazon Prime.

We’re Back! A Dinosaur Story (1993):
If you want an animated dinosaur movie filled with big names, this is the dino movie for you! Produced by Steven Spielberg, it’s filled with the voices of people like John Goodman and Martin Short. Some really smart dinosaurs come to help two lonely kids in New York City, and adventures ensue. Also, trouble. It’s a lot of good hearted fun that both kids and parents will love. You can try Amazon Prime or Apple TV for this one.

The Good Dinosaur (2015):
Pixar is well known for its top rated animated kids movies, and this dinosaur movie is no different. Journey back in time to join a young dinosaur and his human friend as they trek to find Arlo the dinosaur’s parents. It’s heartwarming and fun, and since it’s Pixar, you are likely to find it on Disney Plus.

Jurassic Park:
Of course no dinosaur movie list would be complete without this one! I’m sure just about every dinosaur lover has seen at least one version; either the original 1993 version, based on the book by Michael Crichton, or the 2015 reboot of the franchise, Jurassic World. Although it might be a little too intense for younger kids, the older kids will love it! All your favorite dinosaurs will be there. And can you imagine? A theme park, full of dinosaurs? What could be more amazing? Well, as the cliche goes, “I’ve seen the end of this movie, and it doesn’t end well…” Still, the journey through this prime rated park is probably one of the best times you’ll have in a dinosaur movie! (Also, if you are a Jurassic fan, check out our Rexy and Blue stickers! I believe they actually are really good friends!)

Before I pop myself a big bowl of popcorn and head to my couch for dinosaur movie night, here are our list of honourable mentions! You might want to check these dinosaur movies for kids out too!

Honourable Mentions:
Dinosaur Train: The Movie (2021)
Walking With Dinosaurs (2013)
Bob the Builder: The Big Dino Dig (2011)
Dinosaur (2000)