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Dinosaur Shirt

A classic dinosaur shirt is a great top. Dino t-shirts are great for everyone. You can get a T-Rex shirt for kids, or a triceratops t-shirt for an adult. Dinosaur shirts now come in many different styles. You can even choose a classic unisex style. Dinosaur hoodies also make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas! 

Dinosaurs Will Always Be Awesome shirt design

A classic Dinosaur shirt from Dinosaurs Will Always Be Awesome is a great design. A black t-shirt, with a couple of dino skeletons on view makes this a great gift for Jurassic fans! Another great dinosaur top you can choose from their collection of dino merchandise is the grey dinosaur shirt. It has the words, “Ask me about my favorite dinosaur” on the front, with a skeletal rex. A perfect way to get kids talking about their favorite dinosaur friends!

Ask me about my favorite dinosaur

A dinosaur hoodie from Camp Howl is a good top to choose for adults and kids alike! This hoodie, featuring many different dinosaur designs all over it, is just full of color. Available in unisex sizes from kids to 5x adults, this jurassic hoodie just screams comfort!

For a really classic look, nerdkeyz on etsy has a velociraptor t-shirt. This top is black, and has the Jurassic Park logo, with Blue, the velociraptor on the front. The words “Clever Girl” is also printed on the front of the top. A guaranteed fan favorite gift for any Christmas!

Dinosaur shirts and dinosaur hoodies are not just tops. They are a fun way to wear your favorite dinosaur around with you! Whether it’s a triceratops dinosaur T-shirt for an adult or a kids t-rex hoodie, you can choose to have Jurassic style! 

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