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Top 5 Dinosaur Books For Adults To Sink Their Teeth Into

If you want a great read, grab yourself a Dinosaur book! Whether you want to read prehistoric fiction or get yourself a history lesson, dinosaur books come in many different types of fun reading. From graphic novels to educational dinosaur textbooks, dinosaur books really are for everyone! Here are our 5 favorite dinosaur books that top our Jurassic reading list!

“Raptor Red” by Robert T Bakker

Starting our Dinosaur book list off strong is “Raptor Red” by Robert T Bakker. This book should be number one on every top 5 reading list! As told from the perspective of the Dinosaur lead character (no humans in this book, btw), it’s a story that takes you through the dramatic life of a particular Raptor. From love to migration, to the struggle to survive, “Raptor Red” combines truth with fiction to present an incredibly believable story.

“The Dinosaur Lords” by Victor Milan

For those who want to read some Dinosaur Fantasy, “The Dinosaur Lords” by Victor Milan is just that. This dinosaur paperback takes place in a setting similar to our 14th century, but the difference is dinosaurs still roam the earth and have been domesticated for a number of tasks. Don’t get me wrong, this is high fantasy; Lords, Ladies, knights, jousting upon the prehistoric creatures! Praised by George R.R. Martin, it’s a good dinosaur book to read. It’s definitely for adults though; it can get a bit graphic in parts!

Jurassic Park
Dragon Teeth

Michael Crichton has written more than one dinosaur novel; there is the classic, “Jurassic Park”, however “Dragon Teeth” is also a dino-mite read! (See what I did there?) If you want to read some Wild West type of Dinosaur book, give this one a go! Released posthumously, this dinosaur book takes place in 1876; amidst the bone wars in the Western part of the Americas. Two warring paleontologists, a rich, privileged student, a bet and a magnificent dinosaur find… There’s fast-paced, engaging, and just plain fun! Who knew Michael Crichton could write so well from the grave?

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World” by Steve Brusatte

For the non-fiction dinosaur book lover, “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World” by Steve Brusatte has been called the “best dinosaur biography” by Scientific American, and it was rated one of the best science books of 2018. It is a must-read for all dinosaur enthusiasts.

“Under A Lucky Star – A Lifetime Of Adventure” by Roy Chapman Andrews

“Under A Lucky Star – A Lifetime Of Adventure” by Roy Chapman Andrews is another fascinating dinosaur read. This dinosaur biography explores the life of the man who would eventually become the Director of the American Museum of Natural History. You’ll read all about his adventures (often thought to be the inspiration for “Indiana Jones”!), his paleontological finds, and so much more. Every Dinosaur fan should read this book at some point!

Whether you want to read something fun or educational, dinosaur books have got you covered. From dinosaur fiction for adults, to dinosaur non-fiction books that can be good for any age, it is always fun to read about dinosaurs. Even a good dinosaur graphic novel or dinosaur comic book can be a delightful way to enjoy our favorite subject!

What are your favorite dinosaur books? We would love to read them too! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and share your dinosaur reading list!