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5 Fun And Easy Dinosaur Crafts That Kids Will Love

Doing Dinosaur crafts with the kids can make a rainy day or boring weekend much more fun! Here are some of our favorite easy dinosaur activities; grab your glue sticks and paper plates, there is something for kids of all ages!

Dinosaur Eggs:
This fun craft is perfect for older kids. Dinosaur eggs are so much fun, both to make and to break! It’s a fairly easy DIY activity, albeit a bit messy. (Read all about how to make this particular dinosaur craft, and get the recipe here!) However, the fun our kids got from breaking them open and excavating their dinosaur surprise from inside was totally worth it! Our older dinosaur fan even helped make the dinosaur eggs the second time around for his birthday party! (Read about that in another blog! Boy was that fun!)

Jurassic Dinosaur Mural:
This dinosaur craft takes me back to when I was a kid and is great for preschoolers and older kids to create! My dad used to hang a huge piece of paper on the wall, and then lay out all different types of craft materials on the table. We kids, (I had 5 brothers!) would then create a mural together. We did this for each season. I have very vivid memories of snowmen made from cotton balls and lots of white glue. The older we got and the better our motor skills, the more intricate the craft became! We always had so much fun together with these activities, that I continued this crafts tradition with my own kids! You can too; just add dinosaurs! Shop your local dollar store for ideas and get some foam dinosaur cut-outs, stickers, and other fun craft supplies you think would be great on your mural. Dinosaur printables are great too; color them first, then glue them on. You can get really creative with this one; you can even use potato stamps for trees!

Dinosaur Footprints:
Here’s a dinosaur craft that’s a bit messier, but worth it. What could be more fun than making dinosaurs out of your own footprints? Use paint on the bottom of your kids’ feet, and have them step on paper. Let it dry and then add extra craft supplies like googly eyes or draw-on teeth to make your dinosaur really ferocious! Kids of all ages will love to give these dino crafts as cards!

Dinosaur Bath Bombs:
Looking for a ‘clean” dinosaur activity? Make bath time fun with Dinosaur Bath Bombs! This is a great dinosaur birthday craft for older kids or toddlers and preschoolers to help make for their teacher! The dino bath bombs are pretty easy crafts to make, and you can use a variety of different scents! Kids love to watch them fizz and bubble in the water until they find the hidden dino in the middle of the egg! Dinosaur activities that make bath time a little more fun are always a winner in my home!

Tissue Dinosaurs:
You can make dinos easily out of paper, tissue, and glue! This dinosaur craft is one of the easy crafts on our list; perfect for a toddler or preschoolers to get their hands into (although big kids will like it too!). The bigger kids can have fun cutting out small squares of paper tissue, while the smaller kids can have the fun of gluing them onto paper dinosaur shapes! Add googly eyes or a paper eye, and you have your very own fun dinosaur friend to play with after!

No matter which prehistoric craft project you choose to try, dinosaur activities are a fun way to pass some time on a rainy summer day or a Sunday afternoon. Toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids (even us really older kids) love to make our own dinosaur crafts! Get yourself some paper and scissors, and get dinosaur crafting!

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