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Dinosaur Backpacks

There is nothing cooler than showing up at school with a dinosaur backpack! A T-Rex backpack is the perfect way to guard your books or a triceratops backpack to carry your lunch! There are a lot of plain, boring ways to get your stuff to school, but why not make things fun with a dinosaur rucksack? A dinosaur knapsack is definitely the best way to transport your things in style!

backpack drawstring rucksack

Etsy has a wide variety of dinosaur backpacks to choose from. There are Jurassic Park backpacks and Jurassic World backpacks. Personalized T-Rex backpacks are very popular. With a personalized dinosaur backpack, your little one will always know which dinosaur knapsack is theirs. It is almost guaranteed that there will be multiple dinosaur rucksacks at school, so a personalized triceratops backpack is a good idea!

Jurassic Park backpack

Plush dinosaur backpacks are a neat idea. Plush dinosaur knapsacks don’t hold quite as much as a traditional dinosaur pack, but they are great for toddlers on their way to daycare. A plush dinosaur backpack can hold snacks and a toy; everything your toddler needs for their day of play.

Plush dinosaur backpack

For those of us who are slightly older, there are larger dinosaur backpacks that hold a lot of stuff! These are great for taking to high school or the office! Dinosaur drawstring rucksacks are also a great way to keep gym clothes handy in your car for a quick trip on your way home.

dinosaur backpack for adults

Whether you are rocking a cute plush dinosaur backpack or a triceratops shoulder bag, you are sure to be carrying your things with class

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