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Dinosaur Comics


Reading Dinosaur comics can make a boring day better! There are many dinosaur comics available, and just like most comic strips, dinosaur comics can be great entertainment, while also making you think. Some dino comics will share stories we can connect with, and some are just plain fun. Instagram is a great place to find new stories that feature various dinos like T-Rex, Brontosaurus and more! Here are a few of the best dinosaur comics that we like to read.


This relatable dinosaur comic has a really great way of addressing mental health issues. The art is simple and clean, and just about every one can find something real in the dinosaur friends and their struggles. The dinosaurs in these comics show a lot of love and compassion for each other. After reading these short comic strips featuring a T-Rex and other dinos, you will come away feeling happy and warm. Go to the Dinosandcomics shop to see all the various merch with the adorable dinosaur characters based on author K and her friend James, too!


Dinosaur comics that explore important things are great for making us think, while also entertaining us. This comic by Phoenix Baldwin is about a dinosaur going through a change and addresses various LGBTQ+ topics. The stories in this comic can be a great tool to help us understand ourselves and others. The design of the dinosaurs are cute and great for both kids and adults. Check out the dinotoons book that’s available now too; perfect to share with someone who needs a smile.


Fossil Fools Comics:
This dinosaur comic is just plain fun! The art design is great, and the comics will make you laugh. Join the dinosaurs in these short comic strips while they live their lives, just generally entertaining you! This dinosaur comic by Alexander Fridlin is perfect to share with other people, to brighten their day too. You can check out their patreon at to get early access to all the fun these dinosaurs can bring you!


Primitive War:
If you like to read more graphic novel type comics, this new dinosaur comic is the one you need! Based on the Primitive War novel series, this dino comic is about what things would have happened if dinosaurs were made, Jurassic Park style, during the Cold War. Just think; the ravages of war… and also dinosaurs. The world gets a bit crazy. With amazing art by Babisu Kourtis & Maja Opacic, this dinosaur comic is sure to become a favourite of those who love a good graphic novel about T-Rex and other dinosaurs. These stories about dinosaurs are best for adults and teens. You can check out their indiegogo for early access!


Reading comics about dinosaurs is a fun and friendly way to both get entertainment and to help us think about and deal with the problems we face every day like mental health issues. A comic about dinosaurs can be great to share around the office, with friends or with kids, or more serious content for adults and older teenagers. Dinosaur comics can be a little piece of therapy, a conversation starter or even educational. I hope you check out the dinosaur comics we featured here! If there is a comic featuring T-Rex and other dinosaurs that you like, you can let us know on Instagram, and sign up for our email newsletter to get dinosaur news, activities and general fun dinosaur stuff! You will even get a discount for The Dinoverse shop!