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Dinosaur Wallpaper

There are so many different options for dinosaur wallpaper for your phone or computer available. I went looking for a new dinosaur homescreen image the other day, and found some interesting stuff! Dinosaur backgrounds come in such a variety. Some are artworks like what you can find in our dinosaur art shop, and some are photo realistic. If you like a peaceful dinosaur look, there are many computer backgrounds of our favorite animals wandering across the plains, or through the trees at dawn. For a more traditional, scary design, grab a dinosaur desktop picture with two T-Rexes fighting it out! There are, of course, always the Jurassic Park computer backgrounds. These dinosaur desktop backgrounds star T-Rex and the Velociraptor. 

Dinosaur wallpaper for your computer or mobile device

Dinosaur wallpaper comes in funny options as well. A classic dinosaur computer wallpaper is the one with the T-Rex bursting through the screen, breaking the glass. That dinosaur desktop image is especially great because you can position one of your icons to fit right inside its mouth! There are many cartoon dinosaur desktop backgrounds as well. There is even a desktop wallpaper that has a dinosaur hiding inside a toothbrush. I am not entirely sure the reason for this, but perhaps there is a dentist out there who thinks that is hilarious! Another great dinosaur wallpaper is the T-Rex posed “Nightmare Before Christmas” style. As a big halloween and Tim Burton fan, this dinosaur computer background appeals to me on many levels! Dinosaur desktop pictures also come in various dinosaur memes as well. We all love a good dinosaur meme, don’t we?

There are so many options out there for dinosaur wallpapers, having a new dinosaur background every week is definitely justifiable!