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Christmas Dinosaur

A Christmas dinosaur is a special dinosaur. This is probably because Christmas is my favourite time of year, and then, well, dinosaurs. It’s easy to incorporate dinosaurs into any family or community Christmas in so many different ways. You can find Christmas dinosaur in the pages of books, Christmas dinosaur clothes, Christmas dinosaur cards; there is even a special Christmas dinosaur cartoon movie! I love Christmas movies! I bet even Santa uses a dinosaur with his reindeer to pull his sleigh. My friends get inundated with Christmas dinosaur memes in December too; it’s just how I roll. Get ready, this blog is all about how to do Christmas, dinosaur style.

Christmas – Sweater

The best Christmas dinosaur season opens with your special ugly Christmas dinosaur sweater. TruePassionStyles on the etsy community has got a special ugly dinosaur Christmas sweater, with two Christmas dinosaurs watching Santa fly overhead. This will get you ready for your Christmas movie. You’ll also need your Christmas Dinosaur socks from the ImgineThatCA pages on etsy. Then you can snuggle in and watch your favorite Christmas cartoon movies!

Santasaurus Rex

The next Christmas content to explore is to remind your community that it is Christmas dinosaur season! Some great memes to do that with are Christmas T-Rex’s singing or Christmas dinosaurs smashing your broken gingerbread houses. Santasaurus Rex is another good Santa dinosaur Christmas meme. I find that Tree Rex features heavily in these special pages of memes. Dinosaurs instead of reindeer pulling the sleigh are also great memes!

Tree Rex

Now that everyone in your community knows that Christmas is all about dinosaurs, it’s time to get ready for the actual date. Christmas dinosaur pyjamas are the most special pj’s. Dinosaur Christmas pj’s are a top way to show off your family in some special pictures! Why not get matching family Christmas dinosaur pajamas from the EdgarRaeApparel pages on etsy? These cozy plaid Christmas dinosaur pyjamas can even be personalized with all your family’s name on them! BobaTeaShop on etsy also has adorable Christmas dinosaurs dressed as Santa on their web pages. 

Christmas – pj

With your dinosaur Christmas pyjamas on, you are ready to decorate the dinosaur Christmas tree. There are tons of dinosaur Christmas ornaments you can buy. From a special First Christmas dinosaur ornament for a baby, to a cute personalized reindeer dinosaur Christmas ornament for a child or even a more realistic Santa pterosaur Christmas ornament, there is a dinosaur Christmas ornament for everyone. If you don’t have a star or an angel for the top of your tree, you can do like a friend of mine. Her and her husband top their special tree with a Christmas pterodactyl every year. It’s like an angel, in that it’s got wings, but it’s better because it’s a dinosaur!

Christmas – triceratops ornament

The Christmas dinosaur morning should always consist of special Christmas dinosaur waffles, after Santa and his reindeer have delivered your presents. You can also read dinosaur Christmas books like, “The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas” by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter and “Dinosaur Christmas” by Jerry Pallotta. There are lots of fun dinosaurs in the pages of those books! A fun Christmas dinosaur way to end the day is watching Christmas dinosaur movies like “The Christmas Dinosaur”, a movie about a boy who gets a baby pterodactyl for Christmas.

Christmas – waffles2

Christmas dinosaurs are such a special way to add entertainment to the holidays. Sharing a Christmas dinosaur with your community through the pages of a book or through movies or clothing is a lot of fun! I mean, who doesn’t like the idea that Santa uses a dinosaur instead of reindeer to lead his sleigh? Christmas dinosaurs are an important part of a very special season! What are your favorite Christmas dinosaur traditions? Tag us on facebook and instagram!

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Dinosaur Hoodies

Dinosaur hoodies are a great gift for anyone who loves dinosaurs. There are a huge variety of sweatshirt and hoodie prints and sizes you can shop for. Your dinosaur hoodie can be a zipper style hoodie, a black sweatshirt, or even a kids halloween style dinosaur hoodie. There are even cute rainbow hoodies so your baby can have dinosaur style! I like to shop on etsy and look at the fun dinosaur hoodie products available worldwide. There are many Dinosaur hoodie or sweatshirt products that are the best way of showing your dinosaur love to the world!

Hoodie Just a girl who loves dinosaurs

This dinosaur hoodie is a great Christmas gift for kids. The TawanStudioArt shop puts dinosaur love right on the front of the dino sweatshirt with the saying, “Just a girl who loves dinosaurs”, complete with pictures of several dinos. This is real dinosaur style!

Hoodie – Don’t mess with Mamasaurus

Parents worldwide will really like this dinosaur hoodie! A Jurassic Park style hoodie that says, “Don’t mess with Mamasaurus, or you’ll get your Jurass kicked”. The LidraStudio shop has made a dinosaur sweatshirt in my style! A good mother’s day gift for sure!

Hoodie Tree Rex

If you are a Christmas and pun fanatic like me, this dinosaur hoodie is for you. NoreneCreations has the best dino Christmas style hoodie in their shop. This black hoodie has a picture of a T-Rex; nope, a “Tree” Rex, on the front of their dinosaur sweatshirt. I love a great dinosaur play on words! A dinosaur sweatshirt with a pun is a great dinosaur hoodie! What a great gift this would make!

Hoodie Little tykes

 For babies, PetrasCostumes has an adorable dinosaur hoodie in the shop. This dino hoodie has a zipper and a gathered bottom to get warmth and style for your mini dinosaur. A cozy sweatshirt to wear for Christmas or Halloween! 

dinosaur hoodie doggo

There is even a dino hoodie for Fido! The PetitDogApparel shop has a mini style dinosaur hoodie that you can order. Your beloved fur baby will know what it’s like to be a fearsome dino! This soft to the touch dinosaur sweater with spikes down the back will make them terrifyingly cute! A great Christmas or Halloween gift for the fur babies!

There are so many categories of dinosaur hoodies and dinosaur products available! Whether it’s a black sweatshirt, a hoodie with a zipper or Christmas dinosaurs on the front and back, you can get dinosaur hoodies for adults and kids! No matter what you order, the rainbow of style will have something everyone will like. What dino hoodie are you wearing to stay cozy? Tag us on social media, we would love to see you in your dinosaur hoodie!