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Remote Control Dinosaur

A remote control dinosaur can bring many hours of fun. RC dinosaurs are enjoyable to play with on your own, as well with friends. Whether it’s a sneaky remote control velociraptor, or a fun little remote control triceratops, robot dinosaurs can bring hours of entertainment. 

Temi remote control T-Rex

The Temi remote control T-Rex is a monster.  Roaring like the real thing, this RC T-Rex has a head-shaking action and 360 degree rotation stunts. A one press demo mode on this remote control dinosaur showcases what it can do, impressing anyone who sees it.

ABC Dancing Dino remote control dinosaur

The ABC Dancing Dino remote control dinosaur from The Learning Journey is the best choice for the younger crowd. This remote control dinosaur is geared towards children aged 2+ years. The RC dinosaur is fully interactive, asking your little one to answer questions, dance and explore their surroundings. The auto shut-off feature makes this robot dinosaur helpful for parents as well!

Discovery Kids RC Triceratops

A great choice of remote controlled triceratops is the Discovery Kids RC Triceratops.  This wireless and LED infrared remote controlled dinosaur is a realistic and life-like robot dinosaur. This remote controlled triceratops has textured skin and fully-articulated arms and legs that enable it to move around realistically. The RC dinosaur has a variety of sound effects including dinosaur roars that make this a fun remote controlled dinosaur to play with.

Remote control dinosaur Raptor

Remote controlled dinosaurs are so entertaining. RC dinosaurs bring many hours of enjoyment, no matter what age you are! 
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