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Dinosaur Mugs

A big steaming mug of coffee in my T-Rex dinosaur mug is a must in the morning. I drink way too much coffee during the day, and it is usually out of one of my favourite dinosaur mugs. There is something really great about a dinosaur mug. It’s fun, cute and most of my dinosaur mugs are dishwasher safe. They are microwave safe too, which is great for when I get distracted and my coffee gets cold. I love to get a dinosaur mug at Christmas. They make such great gifts!


A great dinosaur mug has to have certain features. You want to make sure your dinosaur mug has these if you are giving it as a gift to a friend. It has to be dishwasher and microwave safe. I am all about the easy life! A nice handle is great too. You want to be able to hold it comfortably! With dinosaur mugs, capacity also matters. It has to hold a good amount of coffee, tea or hot chocolate! Of course, then there is the design. I love both cute, fun dinosaur mugs and a classy looking t-rex dinosaur mug. Here are a few of our favourite dinosaur mugs.

Keith Hershberger designs some of my favourite dinosaur mugs. These mugs are perfect for both coffee and tea. These unique glazed ceramic mugs are fired to 2000°, and are microwave, dishwasher and food safe. These dinosaur mugs have a nice capacity to hold your hot drink, and a fun look. They are made from two different clays to give it an interesting look, and when you tip it up, you’ll find the head of your dinosaur on the bottom! These dinosaur mugs will make a great addition to any grown up kitchen!


The colour changing dinosaur mug from Philosophers Guild is really fun. When you add hot liquid to this dino mug, the design changes! It can hold a Jurassic amount of drink, and is a lot of fun for little ones as well as adults! This t-rex mug is perfect for both your coffee, or to give as a gift to your friends!

Dinosaur mugs are for our little friends too! They may not drink coffee, but they can use a fun dinosaur mug! This cute dinosaur mug from Our Name Is Mud is perfect for a mini hand. It will hold a little less than the big coffee mugs, but your little prehistoric fan will love to drink their hot chocolate with mini marshmallows out of this dinosaur mug that says, “Let them hear you Rawr”! Isn’t that a cute customer?

Dinosaur mugs are a fun and cute way to drink your coffee, tea or hot chocolate in the morning! Grab some cookies and your favourite design and you can enjoy your hot drink! A dinosaur mug with features like being microwave and dishwasher safe will make it a great item for any kitchen. You can purchase a dino mug for a friend as a gift and have matching dinosaur mugs too!