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Dinosaur Pinatas

A dinosaur pinata is so much fun at a party! Honestly, whether it is a kids party or one for someone who may or may not be turning 30, a dinosaur pinata is definitely something you will want to have. I speak from experience here! There are lots of different dinosaur pinatas to pick from. If you are having a classic dinosaur themed birthday party, you might want a T-Rex pinata.  For a bit of variety in your dinosaur party, there is the option of a stegosaurus pinata. Here are some of our current favorite dinosaur pinatas.

DIY dino-piñata

The T-Rex pinata from Ya Otta is pretty cool. This dinosaur pinata is a big guy, just like the T-Rex himself. If you are having a lot of people at your celebration, this T-Rex pinata can hold plenty of treats; up to 2 pounds! The easy to hang dinosaur pinata comes with a built-in loop and an easy access opening for filling with all your favorite goodies.

Dinosaur Pinata from PinatasUSA on Etsy is pretty fabulous. The triceratops pinata is available as either your traditional “whack it with a stick until it breaks” style, or as the new “pull string pinata” style. If traditional is the style you go with, the dinosaur pinata even comes with a matching stick! This dinosaur party game is very well made, easy to fill and uses no staples, so it’s safe for even the smallest dino fan.

DIY Dinosaur pinatas are fairly popular as well. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube, giving direction on how to create your own personalized dinosaur pinata. The range of homemade dinosaur pinatas is just as vast as purchased ones, from giant T-Rex pinatas to small dinosaur egg pinatas, perfect for the petite paleontologists. These dinosaur party favors are usually constructed using balloons, crepe paper and paper mache paste.

dinosaur egg pinata

A dinosaur pinata is a great way to add interactive fun to any party! Whether you buy your dinosaur party game or make it yourself, your guests will be glad you did!

What dinosaur pinata have you had at your party? Tag us on facebook and instagram and show us! We love to see pictures of dinosaur parties!