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Dinosaur Pokemon

Dinosaur Pokemon are clearly the best Pokemon. To be clear, anything dinosaur is the best. Nintendo was smart to create dinosaur pokemon for us dinosaur lovers! Although there isn’t a specific Dinosaur type in Pokemon, many of the video game characters are clearly based on our favorite Pangea pals. For more dinosaur artwork you can always check out the shop! Here are our favorite dinosaur Pokemon so you can get your video game on, dinosaur style!

Tyrantum: Styled after what scientists think the T-Rex looked like, this guy is a rock and dragon type Pokemon. Sporting a white collar around its neck, there’s also a crown of golden spikes around Tyrantum’s head. With the ability of giga impact, this dinosaur Pokemon is clearly a king of the ring!

The Tyrantum dinosaur Pokemon

Meganium: A super chill Pokemon! If you need a rest, this is the dinosaur Pokemon for you! Resembling the sauropod, this guy is fairly docile and is the peacemaker of the video game. The large pink flower petals around Meganium’s neck releases an aroma that calms aggressive feelings. Meganium’s breath also has the power to revive dead grass and plants. This dinosaur Pokemon can even affect those who stand nearby.

The Meganium dinosaur Pokemon

Tyranitar: This dinosaur Pokemon is a monster! It has two sets of pointed teeth and several spikes protruding from its head, neck and shoulder. Tyranitar also has a ring of spikes on the tip of its tail. This dinosaur Pokemon is extremely strong, and is always looking for a battle. If you want the toughest dinosaur Pokemon, Tyranitar is the one for you! 

The Tyranitar dinosaur Pokemon

Aerodactyl: A pterosaurian, bipedal dinosaur Pokemon, Aerodactyl has serrated fangs and a ferocious attitude. It is able to effortlessly rip out enemy parts regardless of armour, especially steel-type Pokemon. Aerodactyl glides through the sky by spreading its wings. It likes to nest in the mountains where it enjoys safety and seclusion. 

The Aerodactyl dinosaur Pokemon

This is just a taste of the many dinosaur Pokemon out there! Nintendo has heard our call and is always adding new dinosaur Pokemon to their video game!