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Dinosaur Silhouette for Download

A dinosaur silhouette is a cool thing to add to a report for school, an art project, or any number of other things. Here are some dinosaur silhouettes that you can download for free. The dinosaur silhouettes in the pictures below are on coloured backgrounds, but the actual download is on a white background. We have tried to include silhouettes of a few different dinosaurs, have fun! If you enjoy dinosaur art, be sure to take a look at the Dinoverse Shop!

Tyrannosaurus Rex Silhouette

Tyrannosaurs Rex dinosaur silhouette

Triceratops Silhouettes

A Triceratops dinosaur silhouette
Action silhouette of a Triceratops

Brontosaurus Silhouette

Brontosaurus dinosaur silhouette

Pterodactyl Silhouettes

A pterodactyl silhouette
Flying dinosaur silhouette

Stegosaurus Silhouette

Silhouette of a stegosaurus

Velociraptor Silhouette

Dinosaur silhouette of a velociraptor

Ankylosaurus Silhouette

Ankylosaurus dinosaur silhouette

Gallimimus Sillhouette

Gallimimus running dinosaur silhouette

Dilophosaurus Silhouette

Silhouette of a dilophosaurus

Allosaurus Silhouette

Allosaurus sillhouette