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Dinosaur Pinatas

A dinosaur pinata is so much fun at a party! Honestly, whether it is a kids party or one for someone who may or may not be turning 30, a dinosaur pinata is definitely something you will want to have. I speak from experience here! There are lots of different dinosaur pinatas to pick from. If you are having a classic dinosaur themed birthday party, you might want a T-Rex pinata.  For a bit of variety in your dinosaur party, there is the option of a stegosaurus pinata. Here are some of our current favorite dinosaur pinatas.

DIY dino-piñata

The T-Rex pinata from Ya Otta is pretty cool. This dinosaur pinata is a big guy, just like the T-Rex himself. If you are having a lot of people at your celebration, this T-Rex pinata can hold plenty of treats; up to 2 pounds! The easy to hang dinosaur pinata comes with a built-in loop and an easy access opening for filling with all your favorite goodies.

Dinosaur Pinata from PinatasUSA on Etsy is pretty fabulous. The triceratops pinata is available as either your traditional “whack it with a stick until it breaks” style, or as the new “pull string pinata” style. If traditional is the style you go with, the dinosaur pinata even comes with a matching stick! This dinosaur party game is very well made, easy to fill and uses no staples, so it’s safe for even the smallest dino fan.

DIY Dinosaur pinatas are fairly popular as well. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube, giving direction on how to create your own personalized dinosaur pinata. The range of homemade dinosaur pinatas is just as vast as purchased ones, from giant T-Rex pinatas to small dinosaur egg pinatas, perfect for the petite paleontologists. These dinosaur party favors are usually constructed using balloons, crepe paper and paper mache paste.

dinosaur egg pinata

A dinosaur pinata is a great way to add interactive fun to any party! Whether you buy your dinosaur party game or make it yourself, your guests will be glad you did!

What dinosaur pinata have you had at your party? Tag us on facebook and instagram and show us! We love to see pictures of dinosaur parties! 

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Dinosaur Skull

Dinosaur skulls make great home decor. A large triceratops skull hanging in the den looks much more impressive than another poor creature. If you are an apartment dweller, an ankylosaurus skull on a stand is very cool. I have a friend who has a T-Rex head in her living room. Lord Stirling is very dapper in his top hat and scarf, and is always dressing up for the holidays with various other hats to mark the occasion. 

Dinosaur skulls are best acquired on Etsy. There is a huge selection of different options, from smaller, desk sized dinosaur heads, to full sized dinosaur skull replicas. Dinosaur skull keychains are also very popular; carry your favorite triassic cranium with you wherever you go. Dinosaur skull pendants are available too, for a very cool accessory. 

Dinosaur skull decor

The sarcosuchus skull from EnviroSkulls on Etsy is pretty dramatic. It’s long jaw is open and looks ready to bite your finger! MikesMenageries has a beautiful triceratops skull, perfect for mounting. 3D printed with a biodegradable plastic, you can be sure no actual dinosaurs were harmed in the acquisition of your new dinosaur skull! 

If the classic T-Rex skull is what you are after, EnviroSkulls has a giant T-Rex skull for you! At 18” long, this dinosaur skull will impress anyone who sees it! Created from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, plant-based material that is fully recyclable and sustainable, this incredible piece of dinosaur art is the perfect way to dress up any room. 

Whether it is a small velociraptor skull or a giant T-Rex skull, thanks to 3D printing, every dinosaur fan can have a dinosaur skull on display!

Do you have a dinosaur skull? Show us your pictures! Tag us on facebook and instagram, we would love to see them!

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Dinosaur Masks

A good dinosaur mask is an important part of every dinosaur lover’s wardrobe. Whether it was a dinosaur halloween mask, or just a random purchase, you probably already have one. If you don’t, you are in luck! With all the new dinosaur movies and tv shows out there, dinosaur disguises are widely available now. 

dinosaur halloween mask

There are some fairly realistic looking dinosaur halloween costumes, especially if just the dinosaur mask is what you are looking for. There are also some really scary dinosaur masks too. Some of the dinosaur masks come with claws, or even a tail, for your full costume needs! The internet is also full of fun, do-it-yourself dinosaur mask designs. These are great options if you need something quickly, or if it is a rainy Saturday with the kids. Of course we can’t forget about the King of the dinosaur disguise; the blowup T-Rex costume. I am sure you have seen the videos on YouTube of the various hilarious antics people get up to wearing this amazing dinosaur outfit! One very creative lady even did a full “Sexy Rex” photoshoot calendar for her husband. That is the kind of love I think everyone should have in their life!

dinosaur mask with claws

There is one other type of dinosaur mask I haven’t mentioned yet. The corona-saur mask. The world is in a bit of chaos. It is important to keep yourself protected and safe! What better way to do that, than to roar through this crazy time with a T-Rex growling across your face! Cloth dinosaur masks also come with cute cartoon dinosaurs. These types of dinosaur masks can help keep you and your loved ones safe, while also clearly being the height of fashion! 

Cloth dinosaur mask

With so many dinosaur mask options out there, you can be ready for all your dinosaur masquerade needs! What dinosaur mask are you sporting this halloween? Tag us on instagram; we would love to see your dinosaur costumes!

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Toddler Dinosaur Costumes

A toddler dinosaur costume is really a must for any dino-loving parent. Toddler dinosaur outfits are adorable. You can also buy dinosaur costumes for the whole family, and go as a herd! Dinosaur Halloween costumes for toddlers come in all different styles. The most common of course is the toddler T-Rex halloween costume, however there are options for other toddler Halloween dinosaur disguises as well. 

DIY dinosaur costume sweatsuit

A very entertaining toddler T-Rex costume comes from Rubie, a company well known for its quality costumes. This toddler Halloween outfit is plush and soft, and comes with an attached headpiece, tail and shoe covers. The best part of this toddler dinosaur Halloween costume is the built-in sound chip. Your child will roar just like a real T-rex!

Roar costume

If a triceratops costume is what you are looking for, GrtPretendersCAN on etsy has got you covered! This amazing toddler triceratops halloween costume cape comes with a detachable “mouthpiece”, hood and claws. This dinosaur costume is perfect to go over cold-weather clothes, as well as for dress up all year long!

Trice Costume

I have to mention Underwraps Toddlers T-Rex belly costume! This toddler dinosaur costume is just so darn cute! This vibrant, bright orange dinosaur suit for toddlers may not be quite as traditional, but once your little one puts it on, you’ll be sure that it was the right choice! The frumpy bellied dinosaur Halloween outfit has lots of room to move, and is good for wearing over clothing for trick or treating on cold evenings.

Belly Dino costume

If DIY is your Halloween costuming thing, look no further than a hoodie, some scrap fabric and a glue gun for your toddlers dinosaur costume! Simply cut some triangles out of the scrap fabric and glue them down the back of the hoodie – instant toddler dinosaur suit! Add a pair of matching jogging pants to make a dinosaur tail. Cut one leg off and tie it closed on one end. Stuff the dinosaur tail costume with stuffing and then tie the open end closed. Glue it to a pair of pants and you have a tail!

DIY dinosaur costume

One of the best dinosaur Halloween costumes I have seen in a long time belongs to Her daughter has Cerebral Palsy and so their family halloween costumes always contain adaptability. The Jurassic Park Halloween costume was no different. The family turned a wheelchair into one of the jeeps, while the rest of the family were dressed in dinosaur costumes. What a fantastic way to trick or treat!

No matter if you get your toddler dinosaur costume from Walmart or Amazon, or if you make it yourself, a toddler dinosaur Halloween costume will make for a roaring trick or treat!

What are you wearing this Halloween? What is your favorite dinosaur costume? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram; we love to see all those costumes in action! 

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Dinosaur Tattoos

Dinosaur tattoo designs are beginning to get very popular. Tattoo artists will get to sketch all types of dinosaur content often. Small dinosaur tattoos are best for people interested in a cute art design. Some ideas people have is to use even more of their body for larger dinosaur tattoos, like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The full sleeve tattoo design is a great way to show your emotional connection to dinosaurs, while having some Jurassic size tattoo designs on your body. 

Artwork by @crashing.cadence

When Jurassic Park was released, dinosaur tattoo content became much more popular. Prior to that, it was people who were interested in dinosaurs that would get dinosaur designs. Once the movies came out, tattoo artists saw more and more people with ideas for dinosaur content, to show their emotional connection to Jurassic Park. Often people even had the actors’ head added next to their dinosaur tattoo design. Certainly the variety of dinosaur tattoo designs have increased since the Jurassic Park tattoos have become popular.

Tattoo by @pink.madzilla

Dinosaur tattoos can show your emotional connection to dinosaurs or just be a design of power and strength. Some people like dinosaur tattoo designs full of foliage, flowers and other prehistoric content or just be a dinosaur by itself. No matter what the dinosaur design is, dinosaur tattoos are the best way to mark your body with style! Do you have a dinosaur tattoo? Show off your dinosaur tattoo ideas on Facebook and Instagram!

Tattoo by @crashing.cadence