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Dinosaur Train Toys

All aboard the Dinosaur Train toys trend! Dinosaur Train is a popular animated show on television that has taken the younger crowd by storm. With it’s adorable dinosaur characters and fun stories, it has become a big hit with both kids and parents.Dinosaurs are already pretty popular and now the nice thing about having a television show about a Dinosaur Train is that it means that there are now many more dinosaur toys to choose from!

Dinosaur train set

Dinosaur train toys are so much fun for kids, no matter what age they are! Interaction and free play with the various dinosaurs can stimulate the imagination. Dinosaur train toys come in a variety of sets. They can be wooden or motorized, it just depends on what you are looking for. With all the different Dinosaur Train toy characters available, kids can be a conductor with Buddy, or have adventures with Tank, Mr. Pteranodon, or Morris!

Rhymy Tiny pterodactyl

There is a large amount of Dinosaur Train merchandise available. There is the Dinosaur Train Toy Adventure Train Set. This really fun Dinosaur Train set comes with a 6’ long track and 3 motorized Dinosaur Train toy cars to play with! Three of your favourite dinosaurs also come with this awesome set. To add on to the fun, you can purchase other pieces too, like the Rhymy Tiny pterodactyl with a train car. Other compatible Dinosaur Train toys are also available to complete this kids Dinosaur Train toy set.

BigJigs wooden dinosaur train set

Dinosaur Train toys are not just available for kids as merchandise from the television show. A really nice wooden dinosaur train set is the BigJigs wooden rail prehistoric railway set. This high-quality wooden dinosaur train toy has everything you need in a dinosaur train. Complete with dinosaurs, volcano tunnels, trains, and a two-carriage dinosaur train engine, this fun dinosaur train toy set is a durable way to carry out all the dinosaur train adventures.

Jitterygit mechanical dinosaur train

For a motorized dinosaur train toy, the Jitterygit Dinosaur Train toy set might be what you are looking for. Kids will love this fun dinosaur train toy with its flexible track and over 150 dinosaur train toy pieces for exciting adventures. The dinosaur train toy includes 2 battery operated trucks and a really handy storage box!

Dinosaur train characters

Dinosaur Train toys are certainly a fun and interactive way for kids to stimulate their imagination and encourage learning. Whether you’re a young child with a love for the Dinosaur Train television show, or an older fan of dinosaurs and all things prehistoric, Dinosaur Train toys are a great way to spend quality time with our favorite friends! Do you have a Dinosaur Train Toy Set? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and let us see your dinosaur train toys!

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Dinosaur Slippers

Dinosaur slippers are a fun way to keep your feet nice and toasty warm. A nice pair of dinosaur feet slippers can encourage toddlers and younger children to wear slippers in the wintertime, if they don’t like to wear socks around the house. They come in all sorts of different styles and colors. Dinosaur slippers for adults are really great too. Who wants boring slippers, when you can have dinosaur claw slippers? 

Roaring dinosaur slippers

Roaring dinosaur slippers are super fun for kids to wear. Every few steps while wearing these dinosaur feet slippers, you will hear a mighty roar. There is no sneaking around when your child has these dinosaur slippers on!

Fluffy dinosaur slippers

T-Rex slipper lovers will think these ones are really cool. With his tiny T-Rex arms, these slippers will keep any toes nice and warm! Plush on the inside and durable on the outside, dinosaur slippers with reinforced sticking like these ones are sure to please!

Dinosaur slipper for toddlers

A more classic dinosaur slipper from Festooning Toddler might be what you are looking for. Their memory foam dinosaur slippers are nice and soft against delicate toddler skin. These slippers also have an anti-slip rubber foam sole, to keep your little paleontologist from any accidental tumbles.

Knitted dinosaur slippers

Knitted dinosaur slippers can be a really nice gift for Christmas. LittleTwiggleBerries on etsy has an adorable dinosaur bootie pattern you can buy. Crocheted dinosaur slippers or knitted dinosaur slippers are a perfect baby shower gift too!

What dinosaur slippers do you have? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Inflatable Dinosaur

Inflatable dinosaurs make for great imagination builders. Inflatable dinosaur toys are also neat to collect.  An inflatable triceratops can be a fun friend to play with. There are also really cool inflatable dinosaur chairs. Of course you can’t forget about the classic Inflatable T-Rex costume. There are so many videos on YouTube of this inflatable dinosaur costume getting up to hilarious antics! A giant inflatable dinosaur would make a great conversation piece in any house!

Inflatable triceratops

Inflatable dinosaurs to play with come in many different forms. There is a giant inflatable T-Rex that stands 5’ tall! The inflatable dinosaur from Joyin is made from thick, high-quality material so it is incredibly durable. This giant inflatable is also waterproof. An inflatable dinosaur that would really impress any kid!

Giant inflatable T-Rex

Inflatable dinosaur chairs are really fun to sit on. Some inflatable dinosaur chairs come with soft, cozy covers, perfect for watching tv or reading a good book. An inflatable bouncy chair is great for toddlers to develop strength and balance. The inflatable bouncy dinosaur chair is just like the inflatable dinosaur hoppers that kids love.

Inflatable bouncy dinosaur chair

Inflatable dinosaur costumes are hilarious! Of course the inflatable T-Rex costume has many followers on YouTube. The inflatable T-Rex even has calendars dedicated to him! Riding an inflatable dinosaur is a possibility too with one of the inflatable dinosaur costumes that have your legs become its legs. I find those pretty funny as well. An inflatable triceratops costume is another interesting way to dress up as your favorite dinosaur!

Inflatable T-Rex walking with a dog

Inflatable dinosaurs are fun and easy to use. Most come with their own blowers for ease of inflation. Inflatable dinosaur chairs are great for bedrooms and inflatable dinosaur costumes are perfect for Halloween. There is always a way to have an inflatable dinosaur in your life!

Inflatable dinosaur chair

What inflatable dinosaur do you have? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Remote Control Dinosaur

A remote control dinosaur can bring many hours of fun. RC dinosaurs are enjoyable to play with on your own, as well with friends. Whether it’s a sneaky remote control velociraptor, or a fun little remote control triceratops, robot dinosaurs can bring hours of entertainment. 

Temi remote control T-Rex

The Temi remote control T-Rex is a monster.  Roaring like the real thing, this RC T-Rex has a head-shaking action and 360 degree rotation stunts. A one press demo mode on this remote control dinosaur showcases what it can do, impressing anyone who sees it.

ABC Dancing Dino remote control dinosaur

The ABC Dancing Dino remote control dinosaur from The Learning Journey is the best choice for the younger crowd. This remote control dinosaur is geared towards children aged 2+ years. The RC dinosaur is fully interactive, asking your little one to answer questions, dance and explore their surroundings. The auto shut-off feature makes this robot dinosaur helpful for parents as well!

Discovery Kids RC Triceratops

A great choice of remote controlled triceratops is the Discovery Kids RC Triceratops.  This wireless and LED infrared remote controlled dinosaur is a realistic and life-like robot dinosaur. This remote controlled triceratops has textured skin and fully-articulated arms and legs that enable it to move around realistically. The RC dinosaur has a variety of sound effects including dinosaur roars that make this a fun remote controlled dinosaur to play with.

Remote control dinosaur Raptor

Remote controlled dinosaurs are so entertaining. RC dinosaurs bring many hours of enjoyment, no matter what age you are! 
What remote controlled dinosaur do you think is the best? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and let us know!

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Dinosaur Earrings

Dinosaur earrings make great accessories. They can be the perfect compliment to any outfit. Gold dinosaur stud earrings can be a nice, simple way to wear your favourite dinosaur. Sterling silver dangling dinosaur earrings are a great way to dress up for a night out.

T-Rex earrings

There are lots of dinosaur earrings on etsy. Some of my favorites are the ones that are a little different. The dinosaur earrings from StoneDreamStore are so sweet. These little cute T-Rex earrings bite your earlobe with their soft, clay teeth. The T-Rex dinosaur ear jackets from PumpkinAndJunipers come in both silver and gold. These dinosaur earrings are super adorable! Simple brontosaurus earrings can be found by LaplumeBlanche. These tiny dinosaur studs are a high quality silver, perfect for children.

Brontosaurus earrings

If dangling dinosaur earrings is more your style, GeckoGalCO has a whole array of adorable dinosaur earrings! Triceratops earrings, Brontosaurus earrings, Tyrannosaurus Rex earrings; they even have Spinosaurus earrings! I also am partial to the pink Pterodactyl earrings from RedShoeEarringShoppe. Dangly dinosaur earrings are a lot of fun!

Pink Pterodactyl earrings from RedShoeEarringShoppe

Dinosaur earrings go with every outfit. They are also perfect for every occasion. I know a lady who wore diamond dinosaur earrings for her wedding. Those Dinosaur earrings were the most beautiful dinosaur studs I had ever seen! If they have pierced ears, Dinosaur earrings for children are a nice gift at birthdays or Christmas. Dinosaur earrings are wonderful for everyone!

Diamond dinosaur earrings

Do you have dinosaur earrings? We would love to see them! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Dinosaur Bedding

Dinosaur bedding is a must for every dinosaur lover. Wrapping up in dinosaur sheets will give you the sweetest of dreams! Snuggling under a dinosaur quilt can keep you warm and cozy all night. Dinosaur bedding comes in a variety of ways. It can be purchased separately or as a set. Dinosaur sheets often come with matching dinosaur pillowcases. Dinosaur duvet covers are wonderful for covering a fluffy duvet.

T-Rex bedding

Dinosaur bedding for children comes in many different styles. There is T-Rex bedding; having T-Rex sheets can scare away the monsters at night! For the Jurassic Park bedding fan, there are lots to choose from as well. Jurassic Park sheets and Jurassic Park comforters are widely available.

Jurassic Park bedding

Dinosaur bedding often has an assortment of dinosaurs on it. Some sets are brightly colored for younger children. There are also more subtle dinosaur bedding sets that are great for teens. These sets will often have a black or camouflage background.

Bedding set for teens

Dinosaur bedding is not just for children! Dinosaur bedding for adults is available too! The dinosaur sheets for adults are a bit more subdued though. A dinosaur quilt for adults is more likely to have small dinosaur prints on it, rather than giant dinosaurs. King size dinosaur bedding, as well as queen size dinosaur bedding sets are a nice way to add a little fun to your bedroom!

Dinosaur bedding for adults

Dinosaur bedding has a place in every bedroom. A dinosaur duvet is great for kids and adults alike! A dinosaur quilt can keep you toasty warm at night, and dinosaur sheets can help keep the bad dreams away. Dinosaur bedding is the best type of bedding! 
What kind of dinosaur bedding do you have in your room? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram! We would love to see it!

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Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Dinosaur cookie cutters should be in every baker’s cupboard. Dinosaur shaped cookies are so much fun to eat! Dinosaur cookie cutters make baking dinosaur cookies so easy to bake. They are fun for kids to help with baking dinosaur shaped cookies too!

Dinosaur shaped cookies

Dinosaur cookie cutters can be used to make fun dinosaur sandwiches too. Using large dinosaur cookie cutters to cut dinosaur shapes out of the bread makes for fun dinosaur lunches. They can also be used on soft fruits, like watermelon, to make snack time even more fun!

Ann Clark dinosaur cookie cutter set

Dinosaur cookie cutters come in many dinosaur cookie shapes. There are many types of sets of dinosaur cookie cutters, with all your favorites. The Ann Clark dinosaur cookie cutter set is a top of the line, metal dinosaur cookie cutter set. It comes with a Tyrannosaurus cookie cutter, a Brontosaurus cookie cutter, a Stegosaurus cookie cutter and even a dinosaur footprint cookie cutter!

Dinosaur skeleton cookie cutter and stamper set from Temucy

A slightly different set of dinosaur cookie cutters is the dinosaur skeleton cookie cutter and stamper set from Temucy. The 6 piece metal dinosaur cookie decorating set comes with the T-Rex, Stegosaurus and triceratops cutters, plus all three dinosaur stampers. This dinosaur cookie cutter and stamper set is not just fun for cookie dough, but also for playdough as well!

Magigift Dinosaur cookie and sandwich cutter set

The Magigift Dinosaur cookie and sandwich cutter set is a great one for covering all your dinosaur cutting needs. This metal and plastic dinosaur cookie cutter set features 2 large dinosaur shaped sandwich cutters, plus 4 regular sized dinosaur cookie cutters. The dinosaur cookie cutters even have a food-grade plastic cover on the top, making it comfortable for young hands to use.

Dinosaur decorated cookies

Dinosaur cookie cutters are perfect for making dinosaur shaped cookies. Decorating and eating dinosaur cookies is so much fun! When your cookies are shaped like dinosaurs, how can you not play with your food? Whether you use your dinosaur cookie cutters to make dinosaur shaped cookies, or dinosaur sandwiches, everyone should have dinosaur cookie or dinosaur sandwich cutter sets in their kitchen!

What are your favorite dinosaur cookie cutters to use? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram, we would love to see them!

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Cute Dinosaur Drawings

Cute dinosaur drawings are all over the place. Cute dinosaur art can be framed and hung on the wall. There are cute dinosaur pins and cute dinosaur buttons. Cute dinosaur art made into stickers are great for decorating and adding a little bit extra to gifts. You can even immortalize your favourite cute dinosaur tattoo on your body forever. 

Mini Brachiosaurus Print with Hand Painted Gold Accents

A really great thing about artists that make cute dinosaur drawings is that they are never limited to the traditional scary dinosaur. Cute dinosaur drawings often include things like baby dinosaur drawings, or floral dinosaur art. Cute dinosaur drawings give us a chance to see the nicer, more fun side of dinosaurs.

Mini Deinonychus Print with Hand Painted Gold Accents

Some really cute dinosaur drawings I have seen are the happy dinosaurs, with flowers or trees. These dinosaur drawings just show how cheerful dinosaurs might have been while wandering amongst the foliage. 

Tattoo by @crashing.cadence

Crashing Cadence is the queen of cute dinosaur drawings. She has made her party dinosaur art into an absolutely adorable dinosaur pin set! These cute dinosaur drawings are ready to party any time, any place! She also has a large range of cute dinosaur prints. With bright colors and happy faces, these cute dinosaur drawings are sure to brighten any room.

Party Pals Dinosaur Enamel Pins

The gardener will love this cute dinosaur drawing! This cute T-Rex drawing has him and his buddy lovingly tending their plants. There are many different cute dinosaur drawings for the lucky gardener!

Artwork by @rabbitasaur

A cute dinosaur drawing that brings astrology signs and cute dinosaur pictures together is this adorable capricorn triceratops drawing. This cute triceratops picture has a twisty horn off her nose, and a swishy mermaid-like tail. With gentle pastel colors, this cute dinosaur drawing would be perfect for a nursery!

Artwork by @gummmydragon

Cute dinosaur drawings are so fun to look at! I could look at them all day (sometimes I do, don’t judge!) Tag us on Facebook and Instagram so we can all see your favorite cute dinosaur drawings!

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Dinosaur Legos

Dinosaur legos are the best legos! With dinosaur legos, you can build your own lego dinosaur pen, and then fill it with all your favourite lego dinosaurs! Dinosaur legos give you a chance to really use your imagination. With the release of all the new dinosaur lego sets, there is so much available now for dinosaur legos. When I was a kid, if you wanted to build a dinosaur out of lego, you had to start from scratch. Now, dinosaur legos come in dinosaur lego kits. These dinosaur lego kits come with all the pieces you need (and instructions!) to build the dinosaur legos of your dreams!

Lego – rampaging triceratops

Most of the dinosaur legos kits are centered around the movie Jurassic World. There is a triceratops lego kit (75937), that includes a rampaging lego triceratops, a spinning egg ride with entrance gate, collapsible fencing and a mini figure buggy. 

If a lego gyrosphere is what you want to play with, the lego Carnotaurus set (75929) has got you covered! A dinosaur legos set that not only includes the gyrosphere, but also a two seater lego truck, lego dinosaur eggs, dinosaur lego background scenery and of course, a lego carnotaurus. Everything you will need to evade a deadly lego dinosaur on Isla Nebular!

The Lego Jurassic World T-Rex Rampage (75936) is the ultimate in dinosaur legos. This dinosaur legos set comes with the tall park gate, operated by turning a trigger. A huge lego T-Rex will have your 6 lego Jurassic World figures running for cover with his moveable jaw! A dinosaur legos set that also comes with many lego accessories, like a cracked lego dinosaur egg, and even a tiny baby lego dinosaur! This is a dinosaur legos set for adult kids too!

Lego – T-Rex

For those who are looking for something less Jurassic World legos themed, and more scientific dinosaur legos, the dinosaur fossils kit (21320) is worth looking into. Compatible with all the other dinosaur legos sets, you can build your own poseable lego Tyrannosaurus Rex, lego triceratops, or lego pteranodon. Each lego skeleton comes with it’s own display stand, and the dinosaur legos set even includes a mini lego paleontologist and a lego sapiens skeleton figure! With this dinosaur legos set, you can turn your room into a natural history museum!

Lego – Skeletons

The littlest paleontologists like dinosaur legos too, and dinosaur Duplo fits the bill! The Lego Duplo T-Rex and Triceratops breakout set (10939) is perfect for kids aged 2+. This dinosaur legos set includes a front gate and a dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex whose mouth opens and closes. A lego triceratops and lego Owen Grady, with his motorcycle, will help stir the imagination of the youngest child. Buildable lego trees and flowers complete the easy to build set for hours of dinosaur legos fun!

Lego – Duplo

Dinosaur legos are hours of fun. Building dinosaur legos stir the imagination, and encourage kids of all ages to be creative! Whether you are a budding paleontologist or a Jurassic World fan, dinosaur legos have a place in your home!

What dinosaur legos are you building? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram! We would love to see your dinosaur lego world!

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Robot Dinosaurs

A robot dinosaur makes a great pet. In the place of having a real T-Rex stomping through your house, a robot T-Rex is almost as cool. Cats and dogs are nice pets, but a dinosaur robot as a pet is epic! There are so many options for toy dinosaurs. There are remote controlled dinosaurs, dinosaurs controlled by apps on your phone, and click and play dinosaurs. No matter what age you are, there is a robot dinosaur toy for you!

Jurassic World Indominus Rex Zoomer Dino

The Jurassic World Indominus Rex Zoomer Dino is a fearsome dinosaur robot with both remote control and motion sensors. Roaming your house at will in patrol mode, Zoomer Dinobot will emit bone-chilling roars and growls. This dinosaur robot also come with a certificate of authenticity.

WowWee Roboraptor

If you prefer a robot velociraptor as your companion, the WowWee Roboraptor is the pet for you! He enjoys playing tug-of-war, walking and running; but watch out for his mood swings! This blue robot dinosaur plays well with most smart devices and can hear, see and feel you coming. This robot velociraptor can also be controlled with a remote control.

Smithsonian T-Rex RC Dinosaur

You will be keeping it real with the Smithsonian T-Rex RC Dinosaur! This robot T-Rex has lifelike skin, full motion legs and articulated arms so he can move about just like the real deal! The remote controlled T-Rex also has a roar that will remind you of every dinosaur movie you have ever seen! This robot dinosaur is perfect for the dinosaur lover who wants something as close to real as possible.

No matter what type of robot dinosaur you are looking for, there is a robot dinosaur pet for you! Tag us on facebook and instagram and tell us what your favourite robot dinosaur is!