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Dinosaur Tattoos

Dinosaur tattoo designs are beginning to get very popular. Tattoo artists will get to sketch all types of dinosaur content often. Small dinosaur tattoos are best for people interested in a cute art design. Some ideas people have is to use even more of their body for larger dinosaur tattoos, like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The full sleeve tattoo design is a great way to show your emotional connection to dinosaurs, while having some Jurassic size tattoo designs on your body. 

Artwork by @crashing.cadence

When Jurassic Park was released, dinosaur tattoo content became much more popular. Prior to that, it was people who were interested in dinosaurs that would get dinosaur designs. Once the movies came out, tattoo artists saw more and more people with ideas for dinosaur content, to show their emotional connection to Jurassic Park. Often people even had the actors’ head added next to their dinosaur tattoo design. Certainly the variety of dinosaur tattoo designs have increased since the Jurassic Park tattoos have become popular.

Tattoo by @pink.madzilla

Dinosaur tattoos can show your emotional connection to dinosaurs or just be a design of power and strength. Some people like dinosaur tattoo designs full of foliage, flowers and other prehistoric content or just be a dinosaur by itself. No matter what the dinosaur design is, dinosaur tattoos are the best way to mark your body with style! Do you have a dinosaur tattoo? Show off your dinosaur tattoo ideas on Facebook and Instagram!

Tattoo by @crashing.cadence
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Dinosaur Wallpaper

There are so many different options for dinosaur wallpaper for your phone or computer available. I went looking for a new dinosaur homescreen image the other day, and found some interesting stuff! Dinosaur backgrounds come in such a variety. Some are artworks like what you can find in our dinosaur art shop, and some are photo realistic. If you like a peaceful dinosaur look, there are many computer backgrounds of our favorite animals wandering across the plains, or through the trees at dawn. For a more traditional, scary design, grab a dinosaur desktop picture with two T-Rexes fighting it out! There are, of course, always the Jurassic Park computer backgrounds. These dinosaur desktop backgrounds star T-Rex and the Velociraptor. 

Dinosaur wallpaper for your computer or mobile device

Dinosaur wallpaper comes in funny options as well. A classic dinosaur computer wallpaper is the one with the T-Rex bursting through the screen, breaking the glass. That dinosaur desktop image is especially great because you can position one of your icons to fit right inside its mouth! There are many cartoon dinosaur desktop backgrounds as well. There is even a desktop wallpaper that has a dinosaur hiding inside a toothbrush. I am not entirely sure the reason for this, but perhaps there is a dentist out there who thinks that is hilarious! Another great dinosaur wallpaper is the T-Rex posed “Nightmare Before Christmas” style. As a big halloween and Tim Burton fan, this dinosaur computer background appeals to me on many levels! Dinosaur desktop pictures also come in various dinosaur memes as well. We all love a good dinosaur meme, don’t we?

There are so many options out there for dinosaur wallpapers, having a new dinosaur background every week is definitely justifiable! 

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Dinosaur Pokemon

Dinosaur Pokemon are clearly the best Pokemon. To be clear, anything dinosaur is the best. Nintendo was smart to create dinosaur pokemon for us dinosaur lovers! Although there isn’t a specific Dinosaur type in Pokemon, many of the video game characters are clearly based on our favorite Pangea pals. For more dinosaur artwork you can always check out the shop! Here are our favorite dinosaur Pokemon so you can get your video game on, dinosaur style!

Tyrantum: Styled after what scientists think the T-Rex looked like, this guy is a rock and dragon type Pokemon. Sporting a white collar around its neck, there’s also a crown of golden spikes around Tyrantum’s head. With the ability of giga impact, this dinosaur Pokemon is clearly a king of the ring!

The Tyrantum dinosaur Pokemon

Meganium: A super chill Pokemon! If you need a rest, this is the dinosaur Pokemon for you! Resembling the sauropod, this guy is fairly docile and is the peacemaker of the video game. The large pink flower petals around Meganium’s neck releases an aroma that calms aggressive feelings. Meganium’s breath also has the power to revive dead grass and plants. This dinosaur Pokemon can even affect those who stand nearby.

The Meganium dinosaur Pokemon

Tyranitar: This dinosaur Pokemon is a monster! It has two sets of pointed teeth and several spikes protruding from its head, neck and shoulder. Tyranitar also has a ring of spikes on the tip of its tail. This dinosaur Pokemon is extremely strong, and is always looking for a battle. If you want the toughest dinosaur Pokemon, Tyranitar is the one for you! 

The Tyranitar dinosaur Pokemon

Aerodactyl: A pterosaurian, bipedal dinosaur Pokemon, Aerodactyl has serrated fangs and a ferocious attitude. It is able to effortlessly rip out enemy parts regardless of armour, especially steel-type Pokemon. Aerodactyl glides through the sky by spreading its wings. It likes to nest in the mountains where it enjoys safety and seclusion. 

The Aerodactyl dinosaur Pokemon

This is just a taste of the many dinosaur Pokemon out there! Nintendo has heard our call and is always adding new dinosaur Pokemon to their video game!

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Dinosaur Memes

Dinosaur memes are the best. A good dinosaur joke is a great way to make me laugh when things aren’t going my way. If I am finding something difficult, I just think of that poor T-Rex trying to make his bed. If I’m sad, the dinosaur meme where the T-Rex ‘boops’ the sadness away works every time. There is a dinosaur joke for every occasion really. Dinosaurs are so funny! I mean, how can you not laugh at the idea of that giant, scary monster scientists made us think T-Rex looked like, enrobed in a fluffy bird suit? That, my friends, is funny dinosaur stuff. If you love dinosaurs, be sure to check out our Dinosaur Shop!

I also communicate with my friends using dinosaur memes. Pretty much anytime we are talking on social media, somebody posts a dinosaur meme or a dinosaur gif. It seems to be our love language. I save a lot of them so that i can share the funny dinosaurs again at a later date. When a friend asked me what I wanted for dinner, I had the Tacosaurus meme ready to go!  Dinosaur puns are perfect for that too. Dinosaur puns never go extinct. (See what I did  there?)

Some of the best dinosaur memes are the ones that are funny and plausible. There is one that follows the logic of plastic dinosaurs being made from real dinosaurs. The dinosaur meme with the dinosaur holding the grabby stick making him unstoppable is my idea of a motivational poster. No matter what the situation, there is a dinosaur meme that perfectly suits it!

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Dinosaur Silhouette for Download

A dinosaur silhouette is a cool thing to add to a report for school, an art project, or any number of other things. Here are some dinosaur silhouettes that you can download for free. The dinosaur silhouettes in the pictures below are on coloured backgrounds, but the actual download is on a white background. We have tried to include silhouettes of a few different dinosaurs, have fun! If you enjoy dinosaur art, be sure to take a look at the Dinoverse Shop!

Tyrannosaurus Rex Silhouette

Tyrannosaurs Rex dinosaur silhouette

Triceratops Silhouettes

A Triceratops dinosaur silhouette
Action silhouette of a Triceratops

Brontosaurus Silhouette

Brontosaurus dinosaur silhouette

Pterodactyl Silhouettes

A pterodactyl silhouette
Flying dinosaur silhouette

Stegosaurus Silhouette

Silhouette of a stegosaurus

Velociraptor Silhouette

Dinosaur silhouette of a velociraptor

Ankylosaurus Silhouette

Ankylosaurus dinosaur silhouette

Gallimimus Sillhouette

Gallimimus running dinosaur silhouette

Dilophosaurus Silhouette

Silhouette of a dilophosaurus

Allosaurus Silhouette

Allosaurus sillhouette
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What does RAWR mean in Dinosaur?

What does ‘rawr’ mean in dinosaur? ‘Rawr’ is just a cute way of saying ‘roar’ and isn’t actually a word in the English language. And as far as we know, there was no universal Dinosaur language! If rawr had a definition it would probably be something like ‘a cute and non-intimidating roar’ and an example might be a kitten trying to roar like a lion. In movies like Jurassic Park dinosaurs have been portrayed as roaring mightily, so some people use ‘rawr’ if they want their dinosaur to look adorable instead. If you are into adorable dinosaurs, I suggest you check out the Dinoverse shop!

Whether they were intimidating or not, dinosaurs almost certainly did use sound to communicate like other animals do. We have no way of knowing what those sounds actually were, since nobody has ever seen a living dinosaur! There have been many examples of fossilized skulls that suggest they had hearing, possibly even very good hearing that could pick up both low and high frequencies. They likely would have been listening for predators or prey, potential mates, as well as their young.

Dinosaurs clearly had mouths as well as other holes in their skulls that could have been used to make noise by pushing air through them. For example the Parasaurolophus has a large hollow crest and extended nasal passages. Paleontologists have theorized that they used this to make a sound similar to a foghorn. Modern reptiles also make sounds by clacking their jaws, swishing their tails, and rubbing their scales together. Dinosaurs may well have also used these methods to communicate.

What do you think dinosaurs sounded like?