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Dinosaur Comics


Reading Dinosaur comics can make a boring day better! There are many dinosaur comics available, and just like most comic strips, dinosaur comics can be great entertainment, while also making you think. Some dino comics will share stories we can connect with, and some are just plain fun. Instagram is a great place to find new stories that feature various dinos like T-Rex, Brontosaurus and more! Here are a few of the best dinosaur comics that we like to read.


This relatable dinosaur comic has a really great way of addressing mental health issues. The art is simple and clean, and just about every one can find something real in the dinosaur friends and their struggles. The dinosaurs in these comics show a lot of love and compassion for each other. After reading these short comic strips featuring a T-Rex and other dinos, you will come away feeling happy and warm. Go to the Dinosandcomics shop to see all the various merch with the adorable dinosaur characters based on author K and her friend James, too!


Dinosaur comics that explore important things are great for making us think, while also entertaining us. This comic by Phoenix Baldwin is about a dinosaur going through a change and addresses various LGBTQ+ topics. The stories in this comic can be a great tool to help us understand ourselves and others. The design of the dinosaurs are cute and great for both kids and adults. Check out the dinotoons book that’s available now too; perfect to share with someone who needs a smile.


Fossil Fools Comics:
This dinosaur comic is just plain fun! The art design is great, and the comics will make you laugh. Join the dinosaurs in these short comic strips while they live their lives, just generally entertaining you! This dinosaur comic by Alexander Fridlin is perfect to share with other people, to brighten their day too. You can check out their patreon at to get early access to all the fun these dinosaurs can bring you!


Primitive War:
If you like to read more graphic novel type comics, this new dinosaur comic is the one you need! Based on the Primitive War novel series, this dino comic is about what things would have happened if dinosaurs were made, Jurassic Park style, during the Cold War. Just think; the ravages of war… and also dinosaurs. The world gets a bit crazy. With amazing art by Babisu Kourtis & Maja Opacic, this dinosaur comic is sure to become a favourite of those who love a good graphic novel about T-Rex and other dinosaurs. These stories about dinosaurs are best for adults and teens. You can check out their indiegogo for early access!


Reading comics about dinosaurs is a fun and friendly way to both get entertainment and to help us think about and deal with the problems we face every day like mental health issues. A comic about dinosaurs can be great to share around the office, with friends or with kids, or more serious content for adults and older teenagers. Dinosaur comics can be a little piece of therapy, a conversation starter or even educational. I hope you check out the dinosaur comics we featured here! If there is a comic featuring T-Rex and other dinosaurs that you like, you can let us know on Instagram, and sign up for our email newsletter to get dinosaur news, activities and general fun dinosaur stuff! You will even get a discount for The Dinoverse shop!

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How To Make Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur eggs are a fun idea for a kids birthday party! They are really easy to make, and kids love to dig their little hands into the dinosaur egg to find the hidden treasure inside! We have a few jr. palaeontologists here at The Dinoverse, so of course I had to make dinosaur eggs!

I used two different diy recipes to see which one would work the best for our dinosaur egg party. Both of them use coffee grounds, salt and flour, so easy ingredients to find! The second recipe calls for sand, so I used purple craft sand. Of course dinosaurs and other little fossil treasure ideas for the kids to dig out are needed. It was super fun making these diy dinosaur eggs!

If you are like me, you brewed your morning coffee and then instead of putting the grounds in the compost, you saved them. If you aren’t a coffee drinker, or don’t have a coffee drinker in the house, that’s ok! Brew the coffee a few hours before you want to get started so both the grounds and the coffee have a chance to cool down before you use them. Get out a baking tray and line it with parchment paper. Then, when it’s time to start, get your hands in there! Mix everything together! It’s quite a fun sensory experience. We used pink craft sand that I bought at the dollar store, and it gave our Dinosaur eggs a lovely pinky-purple color! No one really knows exactly what color Dinosaur eggs really were, right?

One recommendation; don’t add all the liquid at once. We found that recipe 1 with the sand was REALLY hard to work with when all the water was added. We ended up adding more salt, sand, flour and coffee grounds just to be able to cover our little dinos. Recipe 2, however, needed more coffee! It was quite dry; that could have been because my grounds were a couple days old, and quite dry.

Once it’s all mixed up, start forming your Dinosaur eggs! Put a little mix into your hand. Place your tiny dino treasure in the center, and then cover it with more mix. Form it a bit to make sure the dino is hidden well, and then place it on your baking tray.

Once all your Dinosaur eggs are made, you have 2 options. You can bake your dinosaur eggs in the oven at 200° , or just leave them out for about a week to dry. We baked ours for about 45 min in the oven. They came out firm and holding together nicely, but still fairly soft. We decided to let them sit a few days, to see if they would dry out some more.

Recipe #1: With the Sand
This one turned out much softer overall and so would be the one to go for if you are making them for younger kids or toddlers. Our preschool Jr Palaeontologist had an easy time cracking into this one, and the look of awe and surprise when she saw the plastic dinosaur in the middle was awesome! The dough for this recipe was much harder to work with, and the dinosaur eggs didn’t look much like a traditional egg shape, but is that really the most important thing when you have a chance to excavate your own dinosaur?

Recipe #2: With Coffee
This one was much more difficult to get into. After baking for 45 min, and then drying out on the counter for a week, our Jr Palaeontologists had to use metal instruments to get into them. Thank goodness our assistants had a chisel and hammer close by! The bright side of that is it was a much more realistic experience for the older kids. They got to chip away for a bit, rather than cracking the egg right away. It took a bit more effort, and therefore the DInosaur reward was that much more egg-citing for them! This recipe was much easier to work with when making the eggs too, and a bit more egg-looking. It would be a great one for an older kids birthday party, as long as you had enough supervision for the tools (or maybe didn’t let them dry for quite as long)

Overall, this was a really fun activity. All our Jr Palaeontologists had a great time, excavating their dinosaur treasure from the eggs. We will definitely be doing this for a Dinosaur birthday party in the future. I highly recommend you give it a try if you have anyone who loves dinosaurs in your world! If you want to be notified when we have more exciting dinosaur activities on our blog, follow us on Instagram! And don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter to have Tatum, the Tyrannosaurus send you fun dinosaur stuff! You’ll even get a discount in The Dinoverse shop!

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Dinosaur gif

A Dinosaur gif is a great way to add a little bit of fun into everyday communication. Dinosaur gifs are often the way my friends and I communicate. When talking about my kids running away from housework, a running dinosaur gif often shows up. Similarly, a roaring T-Rex gif usually makes it into that conversation! My husband likes the Jurassic World gif of Owen Grady and the Velocirators. Jurassic World gifs are abundant in our communications.

Dinosaur gifs are also a way to make your messages more interesting. I am a bit of a language nerd, and find myself fascinated by the way how we talk evolves. Dinosaur gifs are a big part of that. Did you know that gifs have been around since 1987, and that there were even “protogifs” that date back to the 19th century? They weren’t as interesting, of course. 19th century protogifs weren’t triceratops gifs. Scientists are even using dinosaur gifs to punctuate their thoughts, or other types of gifs to show examples of their work. Just like dinosaur memes, dinosaur gifs are now a part of everyday written communication.

Funny dinosaur gifs make a great way to lighten any message. How can you not laugh at the pole dancing dinosaur gif? Show your enthusiasm with a happy dinosaur gif or even say “I love you” with a kissing dinosaur gif. A simple “Hi” dinosaur gif will be sure to brighten anyone’s day. Dinosaur gifs and memes belong in almost every conversation.

What are your favourite dinosaur gifs? We would love to see them all! Tag us on Instagram, and don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter to get the news, activities and general fun dinosaur stuff in your inbox! You’ll even get a discount to The Dinoverse shop!

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Dinosaur Wall Decals

Dinosaur wall decals are a quick and fun way to add dinosaur art to any room. Decorate your walls with a T-Rex bursting out, or create a friendly scene of a Brachiosaurus grazing amongst some flowers and leaves. Dinosaur wall stickers are easily available, simple to use, and can make your room decor come to life!

There are so many available options for dinosaur wall decals; both for kids decor and adults. For the baby nursery, you can get a sweet sticker that you can use as a mural. These ones often come in watercolor designs, and are made up of cute dinosaurs, roaming free amongst flowers. Add in a dinosaur egg or two and you have the perfect dinosaur nursery!

For the growing palaeontologist, a more realistic dinosaur wall decal might be the thing to decorate with! A high quality jungle scene, or a stegosaurus amongst the trees is a fun idea! A kids bedroom is the perfect place for a large dinosaur mural; perfect for a growing imagination! Dinosaur wall decals are also a perfect way to decorate a playroom. They appeal to just about every kid, so it’s a great way to add a little magic to their space.

Older kids can enjoy Dinosaur wall decals too! A more realistic dinosaur, bursting out of the wall is a great art option for a teen! Or maybe the entire herd, about to come alive right in their bedroom. A fun sticker mural of dinosaur art can include other pieces of prehistoric items too, like plants and flowers.

Of course adults can get in on the dinosaur wall decal fun too! A more grown up dinosaur wall decal such as a skeleton or silhouette can make a nice addition to a living room or bedroom. Really, dinosaurs add a wonderful atmosphere to any room!

Dinosaur wall decals are available in many different options. You can get high quality vinyl stickers, fabric decor or even a cute growth chart for the kids room or nursery. Dinosaur wall decals are quick to use and add a beautiful decorative design to any room!

If you are looking for something a little smaller than a full wall mural, check out our Art Prints! They are made from original art and are perfect for framing! And don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter, to get info, sales, and just generally fun dinosaur stuff, right to your inbox!

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Dinosaur Colouring Pages

Dinosaur coloring pages can be a great addition to any kid’s rainy day activities. You can find lots of different, free printable dinosaur coloring pages online. Some have cute little dinos, surrounded by their favourite nature. Others are more slightly real looking; a T-Rex or triceratops roaming the countryside. We don’t actually know what dinosaurs looked like, so kids can color them any color they like; red, blue or how about yellow? Why not have a yellow dinosaur? It’s possible! I love to see what comes out of a kid’s imagination.

You can also find dinosaur coloring books for kids. They often will have different animals as well as dinosaurs. A coloring book is great for taking on vacation. They keep all the pages together unlike the printable coloring pages that could get lost. Your kids can enjoy coloring pictures of stegosaurus, t-rex or triceratops, while you wait for your flight or on a long drive. Coloring can be a real help to pass time when waiting to see family at Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Here at The Dinoverse, we love to color! We can always find our Lead Illustrator, Kara, with some sort of coloring in front of her! We love coloring so much that Kara has designed some dinosaur coloring pages to share with you! You can hang these coloring pages anywhere. They qualify as art after all! Coloring these pages isn’t just for kids; for real, coloring pages are for all ages! You can download these cool dinosaurs, playing amongst their favourite nature. Just click the links below to get your free dinosaur coloring pages. I hope you have as much fun coloring them as I did! To get more dinosaur info and fun activities, and to hear about the latest Dinoverse promotions, sign up for our email list! You’ll even get a gift from Vester the Velociraptor on your birthday!

(Check out that amazing Dinosaur Hoodie our Jr. Paeleontologist is wearing! You can find it and other great Napping Wolf handmade products here)

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Dinosaur Stickers

Dinosaur stickers are a fun way to add extra fun and inspiration to your space. They can be traded, collected, and you can use them to add a personal touch to your devices. Both my phone and my laptop are covered with T-Rex, stegosaurus and other dinosaurs. You can turn your favourite dino art into stickers. Dinosaur stickers also make a great gift for both kids and adults. I have a teacher friend who will exclusively give out dino stickers to the kids in her class as rewards. Her students know they have done really well when they see a dinosaur sticker on their homework! Here are some of our favourite dino stickers, created by some of our favourite dinosaur art creators!


The Dinoverse carries some of the best dinosaur stickers available. They are cute, fun little dino friends, usually with their favourite flowers or gems. A really nice thing about these dinosaur stickers, is when you purchase them you have two delivery options; you can have them packaged up, perfect for gift giving, or sent to your home like stationery, which is more friendly to the environment.


If you are looking for a pack of dinosaur stickers, Gummydragon has got you covered! These adorable dinosaurs are also fruit – fruitasaurs. Food as inspiration for dinosaurs and dinosaur art. How fun is that? You can also buy her dino sticker characters as stuffies! Check out the full collection of fruitasarus. The Banana Brachiosaurus is my favourite. Gummydragon also has lovely rainbow dino stickers too!


For a dino skull or skeleton type sticker, check out this holographic dinosaur sticker from Animsaurus. A little more flashy, this dinosaur sticker can give your phone a fun Jurassic touch! Animsaurus also offers a variety of other neat dinosaurs in sticker form, and they sell in a neat pack!


I love puns, so this dinosaur sticker from Rabbitasaur is one of my favourites. T-Rex – nope – Tree-Rex! Perfect as a gift in a card for Christmas, although it’s so great you can enjoy it all year. Rabbitasaur’s other dino stickers and art are just as cute and fun.


Speaking of Christmas, if you want a great gift, dinosaur stickers and dinosaur cards are perfect. You can find dino stickers with matching cards in the Dinoverse shop! They are just the Jurassic way to say, “I’m thinking of you!” Check out the birthday dinosaurs she has available also! With their bright balloons, they are just dino-mite!


Dinosaur stickers are a great way to add a little dino fun into your day. Decorate your phone with some dinosaur art, give a sticker as a gift, or grab an entire collection to add a personal touch to your laptop! Do you have a favourite dinosaur sticker? Tag us on facebook and instagram! We would love to see your Jurassic art!


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Dinosaur Art

Dinosaur art can come in many styles and sizes. You can find dinosaur art in print, dinosaur art on canvas and paper dinosaur art. DInosaur art can also come in fiber dinosaur art, framed dinosaur prints, or even a dinosaur card to give with a gift! A framed dinosaur painting makes great decor for a kids room or your study. 

Some beautiful dinosaur art prints by Crashing Cadence are her mini dinosaur print. These mini dinosaur prints have our favorite animals surrounded by big flowers. They are happy dinosaurs, perfect for a kids room!

Dinoart – CrashingCadence

Many artists will incorporate dinosaurs into their art with different ideas. Crashing Cadence has a gorgeous art print with a girl wearing a rex hat. Some artists will make sculptures in different sizes. A nice gift idea for a dinosaur lover may be a fiber art dinosaur.  

Dinoart – DinoGirl_Print by CrashingCadence

Paper dinosaur art is fun to make with kids, especially the Jurassic Park fans. You may not necessarily hang these on the wall as decor for your home, but they can be the best free rainy day activity for kids!

Dinosaur art can make your home decor beautiful. A mini dinosaur print in your kids room, or a framed dinosaur canvas in your study can bring a new view to your home. Dinosaur decor may make the perfect gift for the Jurassic Park lover in your life! No matter what type of dinosaur art you choose, dinosaur art is the best thing for anyone’s home!

Check out some of our favourite dinosaur artists on Instagram: 


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Dinosaur Shirt

A classic dinosaur shirt is a great top. Dino t-shirts are great for everyone. You can get a T-Rex shirt for kids, or a triceratops t-shirt for an adult. Dinosaur shirts now come in many different styles. You can even choose a classic unisex style. Dinosaur hoodies also make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas! 

Dinosaurs Will Always Be Awesome shirt design

A classic Dinosaur shirt from Dinosaurs Will Always Be Awesome is a great design. A black t-shirt, with a couple of dino skeletons on view makes this a great gift for Jurassic fans! Another great dinosaur top you can choose from their collection of dino merchandise is the grey dinosaur shirt. It has the words, “Ask me about my favorite dinosaur” on the front, with a skeletal rex. A perfect way to get kids talking about their favorite dinosaur friends!

Ask me about my favorite dinosaur

A dinosaur hoodie from Camp Howl is a good top to choose for adults and kids alike! This hoodie, featuring many different dinosaur designs all over it, is just full of color. Available in unisex sizes from kids to 5x adults, this jurassic hoodie just screams comfort!

For a really classic look, nerdkeyz on etsy has a velociraptor t-shirt. This top is black, and has the Jurassic Park logo, with Blue, the velociraptor on the front. The words “Clever Girl” is also printed on the front of the top. A guaranteed fan favorite gift for any Christmas!

Dinosaur shirts and dinosaur hoodies are not just tops. They are a fun way to wear your favorite dinosaur around with you! Whether it’s a triceratops dinosaur T-shirt for an adult or a kids t-rex hoodie, you can choose to have Jurassic style! 

Do you have a favorite dinosaur t-shirt? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram, we would love to see your design!

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Dinosaur Train Toys

All aboard the Dinosaur Train toys trend! Dinosaur Train is a popular animated show on television that has taken the younger crowd by storm. With it’s adorable dinosaur characters and fun stories, it has become a big hit with both kids and parents.Dinosaurs are already pretty popular and now the nice thing about having a television show about a Dinosaur Train is that it means that there are now many more dinosaur toys to choose from!

Dinosaur train set

Dinosaur train toys are so much fun for kids, no matter what age they are! Interaction and free play with the various dinosaurs can stimulate the imagination. Dinosaur train toys come in a variety of sets. They can be wooden or motorized, it just depends on what you are looking for. With all the different Dinosaur Train toy characters available, kids can be a conductor with Buddy, or have adventures with Tank, Mr. Pteranodon, or Morris!

Rhymy Tiny pterodactyl

There is a large amount of Dinosaur Train merchandise available. There is the Dinosaur Train Toy Adventure Train Set. This really fun Dinosaur Train set comes with a 6’ long track and 3 motorized Dinosaur Train toy cars to play with! Three of your favourite dinosaurs also come with this awesome set. To add on to the fun, you can purchase other pieces too, like the Rhymy Tiny pterodactyl with a train car. Other compatible Dinosaur Train toys are also available to complete this kids Dinosaur Train toy set.

BigJigs wooden dinosaur train set

Dinosaur Train toys are not just available for kids as merchandise from the television show. A really nice wooden dinosaur train set is the BigJigs wooden rail prehistoric railway set. This high-quality wooden dinosaur train toy has everything you need in a dinosaur train. Complete with dinosaurs, volcano tunnels, trains, and a two-carriage dinosaur train engine, this fun dinosaur train toy set is a durable way to carry out all the dinosaur train adventures.

Jitterygit mechanical dinosaur train

For a motorized dinosaur train toy, the Jitterygit Dinosaur Train toy set might be what you are looking for. Kids will love this fun dinosaur train toy with its flexible track and over 150 dinosaur train toy pieces for exciting adventures. The dinosaur train toy includes 2 battery operated trucks and a really handy storage box!

Dinosaur train characters

Dinosaur Train toys are certainly a fun and interactive way for kids to stimulate their imagination and encourage learning. Whether you’re a young child with a love for the Dinosaur Train television show, or an older fan of dinosaurs and all things prehistoric, Dinosaur Train toys are a great way to spend quality time with our favorite friends! Do you have a Dinosaur Train Toy Set? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and let us see your dinosaur train toys!

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Dinosaur Slippers

Dinosaur slippers are a fun way to keep your feet nice and toasty warm. A nice pair of dinosaur feet slippers can encourage toddlers and younger children to wear slippers in the wintertime, if they don’t like to wear socks around the house. They come in all sorts of different styles and colors. Dinosaur slippers for adults are really great too. Who wants boring slippers, when you can have dinosaur claw slippers? 

Roaring dinosaur slippers

Roaring dinosaur slippers are super fun for kids to wear. Every few steps while wearing these dinosaur feet slippers, you will hear a mighty roar. There is no sneaking around when your child has these dinosaur slippers on!

Fluffy dinosaur slippers

T-Rex slipper lovers will think these ones are really cool. With his tiny T-Rex arms, these slippers will keep any toes nice and warm! Plush on the inside and durable on the outside, dinosaur slippers with reinforced sticking like these ones are sure to please!

Dinosaur slipper for toddlers

A more classic dinosaur slipper from Festooning Toddler might be what you are looking for. Their memory foam dinosaur slippers are nice and soft against delicate toddler skin. These slippers also have an anti-slip rubber foam sole, to keep your little paleontologist from any accidental tumbles.

Knitted dinosaur slippers

Knitted dinosaur slippers can be a really nice gift for Christmas. LittleTwiggleBerries on etsy has an adorable dinosaur bootie pattern you can buy. Crocheted dinosaur slippers or knitted dinosaur slippers are a perfect baby shower gift too!

What dinosaur slippers do you have? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram!